Golf Pass Dordogne

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The Golf Pass Dordogne enables you to discover all 7 golf courses in the Dordogne at reduced fares. Make acquaintance with all golf courses in the Dordogne and increase your reduction from course to course.

The Golf Pass Dordogne is available for free at any golf course in the Dordogne listed. Go to the first golf course where you want to play, and book your tee-off at the regular fare. All further courses will be reduced from 20% to 30%. Valid for two months and for a maximum of two rounds on the same course. No further restrictions. You play whenever you want wherever you want.

Golf Pass Dordogne (Specimen)
Golf Pass Dordogne (Specimen)

Print your Golf Pass online!

After registration, the valid Golf Pass Dordogne can be downloaded (pdf) and printed.

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